Making major purchases

Ever buy something big and then regret it later? Click on these steps to make sure you’re always a satisfied buyer. Click each step to learn more.


To be a highly satisfied buyer

Consider your needs

Is this item something you want or truly need? Ask yourself what needs you’re trying to fill by making this purchase.

Check your budget

Decide how much you can spend on this purchase and still cover your other expenses. Watch for sales and special offers. Depending on the item and the store, you may be able to negotiate the price.

Research first

Inspect and try before you buy. Research product claims. Ask others for advice. Determine when, how, and where to buy the item to get the most for your money. Check warranties carefully.

Comparison shop

Shop around by Internet to save you time, effort, and transportation costs. Compare ads in newspapers and catalogues. Call three stores to compare prices, models, and return policies.

Shop for value

Remember: your goal is best overall value, not just the lowest price. Look for the features and quality you want, good customer service, a fair price, and a flexible return policy.
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Save your receipts. Return unsatisfactory products. If there’s a problem before or after you buy, speak to the store manager. They should be motivated to solve your problem and keep you as a customer.
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