Rafael’s cell bill is out of control

Watch Rafael decide what he’s going to do. Then vote on whether you think he’s right.

Rafael is ready to sign up with a new cell phone provider. He wants to reduce his cell phone expense –- and avoid the “surprise” of another huge bill.
I’m going to look at how many minutes and messages I’ve been using, compare companies and plans online, and read the contract before I sign.
I’m going to sign-up for the best “new customer” deal I can find. Those are always the cheapest.
It’s just confusing to compare companies and plans. I’m going to ask one experienced salesperson. If I trust them, I don’t need to read the contract.
Is this the best choice for Rafael?
You're right! Rafael made the best choice.
Actually, there is a better choice.
You're right! There is a better choice.
Actually, Rafael made the best choice.

Rafael’s cell bill … continued

Rafael’s best choice is to compare companies and plans and read the contract carefully before he signs.

Best Choice

Why is that his best move?
This will help him control his costs. Having a bill he can always pay on time and in full is an important step in building good credit.
He can find the plan that has the most special features included in the monthly fee. That will give him the most value.
If he reads the contract before he signs, he’ll be allowed to back out later if there’s a problem.
By doing online research, he can compare the websites of the different companies rather than base his decision on price alone.
Right! Some companies also let you review your account online or phone in for free to keep track of your cell phone usage. Try it.
Not quite. It pays to look for inexpensive package deals that meet your needs. Ask about the cost of taxes, fees, and special features.
Watch Rafael Decide
Whether you’re buying products or services, comparison shopping and reading contracts are two keys to smart money management. Click the Next button to continue.
Watch out! High text messaging charges can add up to hundreds of dollars a month! Exceeding the number on your plan may mean being charged $.10 for each text you send and $.02-.10 for each you receive
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