What you can do starting today

A recap of your best next steps.

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Here’s a recap of steps you can take to get the most from the money you spend. Image Description
First, take control of where your money is going. Create a Spending Plan to help live within your means and avoid running short. Image Description
If there’s not enough money to go around, look for ways to decrease your flexible and discretionary expenses and/or increase your income. Image Description
Make it a priority to pay your bills on time. There are lots of potential penalties for paying late. Image Description
When you shop, always consider whether it’s something you really need. Get creative about making trade-offs. Image Description
Before you sign any kind of contract, whether it’s for cell phone service or an apartment lease, make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting into. Image Description
And last but not least, spending is fun, but don’t spend everything you earn. Save as much as you can. Start by building up at least two months of take-home pay in savings for an unexpected emergency. Image Description
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  • Create your own Spending Plan
  • Always pay your bills on time
  • Decrease flexible and discretionary expenses
  • Look for ways to increase income
  • Consider your needs vs. wants; make tradeoffs
  • Understand contracts before you sign
  • Build an emergency fund; save as much as you can
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