Should Megan buy a car?

Watch Megan decide what she’s going to do. Then vote on whether you think she’s right.

Megan’s new job starts in three weeks. She’s trying to figure out the best way to commute that’s convenient but economical, too.
Now that I have a full-time job, I should invest in a new car. I’ll get to work on time and do my errands faster. Plus I can go away on weekends!
I’ll try public transportation first and then ask around at the office about ride sharing. Maybe I won’t even need a car.
I think I’ll buy a really inexpensive used car. That will give me all three things I want – convenience, flexibility, and low cost.
Is this the best choice for Megan?
You're right! Megan made the best choice.
Actually, there is a better choice.
You're right! There is a better choice.
Actually, Megan made the best choice.

Megan considers a car … continued

Megan’s best choice is to try public transportation first and ask around at the office about ride sharing. Why?

Best Choice

Why is that her best move?
Before buying anything, she should see what kind of cars her co-workers and bosses drive.
If it turns out she doesn’t like the job and she doesn’t have a car payment, it will be a lot easier to quit.
She may find she can get by just fine without a car. If so, she’ll save lots of money – not to mention help the environment.
She should use the car to reward herself after one year on the job.
Good job! She may not always be able to travel exactly where, when, and how quickly she wants to, but she may avoid a major expense.
Not quite. She’ll save the cost of a down payment, monthly loan payments, and expenses such as insurance, gas, maintenance, and repairs.
Watch Megan Decide
If you can walk or bike, you’ll save money, get free exercise, and help reduce traffic and pollution. Click Next for a reality check on car ownership costs.
Depending on the state, some car rental companies will not rent to younger customers or charge much higher rates. Do some research and shop around.
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