Antonio at a turning point

Antonio is about to graduate from high school. Watch him decide what his best next step will be, and then vote on whether you think he’s right.

What’s his next best step? His friends want him to join them at college; his goals are to be an electrician and to borrow as little as possible.
I’m going to move to the town where my friends are at state college, pick up a job, and try to save enough to join them in school.
I’m going to stay at home with my family and work at the local auto parts shop. It’s steady work and I can keep my expenses low.
I’m going to work part-time as an electrician’s assistant and go to trade school to get licensed as an electrical contractor. That’s my dream.
Is this the best choice for Antonio?
You're right! Antonio made the best choice.
Actually, there is a better choice.
You're right! There is a better choice.
Actually, Antonio made the best choice.

Antonio at a turning point … continued

Given his interests and personal and financial goals, Antonio’s best next step is to go to trade school and work part-time to earn money.

Best Choice

Why is this the best choice?
Trade school will help Antonio reach his goal. And if he ever decides to go to college later on, he’ll be in a better position to afford it.
It’s always a good idea to work as many hours as you can while you go to school.
A four-year college is definitely the best possible choice for everyone, but unless his family has savings, he’ll never be able to afford it
A state college may be less expensive, but the quality of education is never as high as at a private college.
Right! Given Antonio’s career goal, trade school is a good choice.
Sorry … this isn’t a true statement. Think about what’s best for Antonio’s goals and for his bank account.
Watch Antonio Decide
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If one school costs more than another, it doesn’t guarantee that the quality of education will be better. Consider other factors, such as the school’s academic strength in your areas of interest.
Antonio at a turning point More education = more job options More education = more earning power How much does more education pay?