Mackenzie at the mall

Watch Mackenzie decide what she’s going to do. Then vote on whether you think she’s right.

Mackenzie came to buy shoes, but sees a big sale on TVs that ends today. She has her checkbook, but she’s not sure what her balance is.
I’ll just pay with a check. By the time the store gets the check to my bank, I’m sure my paycheck will be there to cover it.
I’ll use mobile banking to check my available balance and then choose a TV that costs less than that.
I’m going to shop around some more.
Is this the best choice for Mackenzie?
You're right! Your friend made the best choice.
Actually, there is a better choice.
You're right! There is a better choice.
Actually, your friend made the best choice.

Mackenzie at the mall

Turns out the smartest choice for Mackenzie is to shop around some more.

Best Choice

Why is this the best choice?
She won’t risk an overdraft, has time to think about what she really wants and how much she wants to spend, and can shop for the best deal.
Let’s face it, she loves to shop!
If this store isn’t willing to extend the sale for her, she shouldn’t give them her business.
She should get a credit card before shopping for a TV or any other large purchase. Credit cards are offer real financial flexibility.
You got it! An overdraft could cost her some serious cash. Plus, she can focus on getting what she really wants at the best price.
Not quite. The best choice has been highlighted above.
Watch Mackenzie Decide
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