How should James deposit his pay?

Watch James decide what he’s going to do. Then vote on whether you think he’s right.

After all his hard work, James wants a safe, reliable, and convenient way to receive the money he’s earned.
I’ll use the local check cashing store to cash my paycheck.
I’ll take my check over to the bank and deposit it at the teller window-- no, I guess I’ll use the ATM … it’s faster.
I’ll ask my company to transfer my pay to my checking account using direct deposit.
Is this the best choice for James?
You're right! Your friend made the best choice.
Actually, there is a better choice.
You're right! There is a better choice.
Actually, your friend made the best choice.

James deposits his pay … continued

James’ best choice is to get paid by direct deposit to his checking account.

Best Choice

Why is this the best choice?
Avoids high expense of check cashing store and money will likely be in his account sooner than if he’d received a paper check.
It saves his employer from giving him any paperwork.
If he doesn’t see how much he’s earned, he’ll be less likely to spend it.
With direct deposit, the bank will track all of the deductions from his pay.
Good job! One more benefit: with direct deposit, James doesn’t have to worry about losing, misplacing, or depositing a paper check.
Not quite. He’ll still receive a pay stub from his employer showing exactly what he’s earned and all deductions for taxes, benefits, etc.
Watch James Decide
Ask if your employer offers direct deposit – many do. Click the Next button for more about getting paid.
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