What you can do starting today

A recap of your best next steps.

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Good work! You’ve covered the basics of the financial side of employment. Let’s recap the steps you can take to make your hard work pay off. Image Description
Step one: If you’re not sure what kind of work is right for you, don’t wait to start exploring. Even if your family is supporting you now, recognize when you’ll need to take responsibility for your own expenses. The earlier you start your job search, the more time you’ll have to find a job you really want. Image Description
Step two: Aim high when it comes to education. Remember that more education can really increase your career options and your earning power. Image Description
Step three: If you have a job now, make sure your pay is accurate. Understand your benefits. And ask your employer about direct deposit. Image Description
Last but not least, consider starting your own business. If you’re a hard worker and a good money manager, it might be the right choice for you. Image Description

  • Start your job and career search now
  • Remember: education = earning power
  • Checking account = ideal for paying bills and daily purchasing
  • Review your paycheck
  • Know your job benefits
  • Ask your employer about direct deposit
  • Consider entrepreneurship
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