Alicia wants a career

Watch Alicia decide what she’s going to do. Then vote on whether you think she’s right.

Alicia doesn’t want to take just any job. She wants a winning game plan for getting started in a career.
I need to think about what I value and care about, what interests me, and what skills I have.
Before researching different careers and companies I’ll work on building my skills.
I’ll send out my resume with cover letters. Then I’ll meet with a career counselor to discuss the results.
Is this the best choice?
You're right! Your friend made the best choice.
Actually, there is a better choice.
You're right! There is a better choice.
Actually, your friend made the best choice.

Alicia wants a career … continued

Actually, Alicia’s best choice is to start by identifying her own interests, values, and skills.

Best Choice

Why is this the best choice?
Combining her own perspective with that of potential employers and people who know the industry will help her to be realistic and focused.
It’s the best way to land a job the fastest.
It’s the best way land a job that pays the most.
It will help her to keep all of her options open, without focusing on any specific goals for now.
Good job! A successful job search is a process of self-discovery. See Your Job Search to learn more.
Not quite. By researching different careers and companies she can see how her interests and skills match up with employers’ needs.
Watch Alicia Decide
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