Strategy for getting started

Want to move your business idea from a dream to reality? Here are five steps to get you started. Click each step to learn more.


Look for unmet needs

Many great business ideas grow out of the problems and frustrations that individuals have. Look for unmet needs and better solutions. Can you do something better than your former or current employer?

Consider your skills

Determine your own strengths and where you have gaps to fill. Join trade associations and get experience in your target industry. Find out what it takes to be successful.

Get real about $

Many new businesses fail because of inadequate start-up funding. Have enough cash for at least 3-6 months—better yet, the next three years if you can. Minimize your business expenses.

Be realistic

Many entrepreneurs let their passion for their business blind them to its problems. Avoid thinking that your product is so good it will “sell itself.”

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