Warning signs of too much debt

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You’re always late in paying your bills. It takes you 60 or even 90 days to cover bills you once could pay monthly. You juggle payments to keep creditors satisfied. You’re still paying off purchases you made a year ago. You put off medical and dental visits because you cannot pay the bill. You race to deposit your paycheck because you’ve already written checks that require the money in your paycheck. A small reduction in your income or an unusual expense would make you unable to pay all of your monthly bills. Your credit accounts are usually at their maximum limits. You apply for more credit cards because you have reached the limit on the ones you have. You are spending more than 20% of your take-home pay on credit payments (not counting your rent or mortgage). Your loan or credit card balances stay the same or go up each month. Your checking account is frequently overdrawn. You can make only minimum payments on your revolving charge accounts. You don’t have a savings account, or have stopped making deposits to it. You are always worried about your debts. You argue with your spouse or partner over bills. You sometimes wonder why you made certain purchases. You feel free to spend more after clearing up a debt. You use savings or credit cards to cover everyday living expenses, such as groceries. You ignore the telephone or mail to avoid dealing with creditors.
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