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Business plans are often longer than one page, but by dragging the magnifying glass over this sample, you’ll get a sense of some key components.

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Vision – We will be recognized as the best dry cleaner for overall value – quality, service and price – in Anytown, USA. Mission – XYZ helps our customers always look their best and get the maximum value from their investment in quality clothing. Objectives – Gain 350 steady customers by October 1; 2010 revenue goal = $600,000; 2010 profit before tax goal = $120,000; Add clothing repair and delivery services this year; Launch a “Frequent Dryer” customer incentive program that’s unique in our market. Strategies – Conveniently handle all aspects of our customers’ clothing care needs; Focus on residents within 5 miles of our store; stand out from our competitors through unique pricing and service options. Deliver a higher quality but less expensive service than our competitors by using the most technologically advanced equipment and a unique, environmentally-friendly cleaning process. Plans – Purchase equipment by June 15; Sign three-year store lease by July 1; Distribute advertising postcards to neighborhood homes and cars in our shopping center by August 20. Get newspaper coverage for our Grand Opening on September 15; hire delivery driver by December 1. Company Name
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A good business plan tells your banker, potential investors/partners, and employees where your business is headed and how you plan to get there. Be clear, specific, and inspiring.
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