Are you an entrepreneur?

Put a check mark next to the qualities that you believe describe you.

In addition to experience and expertise, many successful entrepreneurs share certain personal qualities. Although it’s a rare individual who excels in all of the traits listed to the right, reviewing this list of the key qualities of successful entrepreneurs may help you decide whether starting and managing your own business is a career path you’d like to pursue.
Takes initiative. A self-starter. Doesn’t need a boss.
Driven to achieve. Enjoys competition. Will work hard and sacrifice.
Positive mental attitude. Self-confident.
Sets goals. Has vision. Works with focus.
Plans ahead. Creates plans and follows them.
Resourceful. Creative problem-solver. Finds a way.
A leader. Takes responsibility. Is accountable. Motivates and inspires others.
Good communicator. Great people skills. Good listener and negotiator.
You seem to have many of the right entrepreneurial qualities.
Developing as many of these qualities as possible can help you be a successful entrepeneur.
As you review the items you checked, notice the items you didn’t. To succeed, you’ll need to find ways to fill your gaps.
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