What is wealth-building?

Your coaches introduce the concept of building wealth.

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Ever wonder what the difference is between having money and having wealth? Well, no doubt about it, earning a good income is great … but “having money” and “building wealth” are really two different things. Income pays the bills, but it’s money that goes into your pocket and right back out. When you have wealth – savings, assets and investments – you have more than just income. Wealth is a set of resources you can use to create and take advantage of life’s opportunities. Image Description
Wealth-building usually doesn’t happen overnight, in a year, or in three years. Building wealth is a series of steps that you take over time. It’s an ongoing process that requires discipline. If you apply that discipline, wealth-building becomes a life pattern. And as you move through each stage of life, you grow in your ability to build wealth and to pass that wealth from generation to generation. Image Description

Wealth = A set of resources (savings, assets, investments) you can use to take advantage of life's opportunities
Wealth-building = Series of steps over time
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