Matching investments to your situation

When should you consider having a larger portion of your portfolio in stocks, bonds or cash? Drag one icon to each statement and click Submit.

Cash equivalents for example, certificate of deposit (CD)
You have a relatively long investment time frame — 5 to 10 years or longer.
You want the potential to make substantial returns on your investments to reach your goals.
You have the risk tolerance to handle major ups and downs in the market.
Your goal is to preserve your assets.
You have a mid- to long-term investment timeframe.
You can withstand some fluctuation in asset values on the way to achieving your goals.
You need an income stream from your investments.
You don’t mind a minimal return on your money.
You may need to access a significant portion of your money in the near term.
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A savings account or a certificate of deposit (CD), may be better suited to meet a short-term goal (buying a car). Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are best for long-term planning and saving (retirement).
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