Try the interest calculator

Now it’s your turn. Use this special calculator to experience the power of compound interest. Your coaches tell you how to get started.

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Now, let's try this Hands on Banking calculator to calculate how much your savings or investments will earn at different interest rates. Image Description
You'll see that you have a few blanks you need to fill in: the amount of your initial deposit or investment (the principal), how much money you'll continue to save or invest each year, the number of years, and the annual interest rate. Image Description
Once you've filled in these blanks with your sample numbers, just click Calculate. Then, to try another example, enter in new numbers and click Calculate once more. Image Description
We hope you'll enjoy learning about the power of compound interest by trying this interest calculator for yourself. When you're finished, just click Next. Image Description
Interest calculator
Remember, you can use the Hands on Banking calculator any time. Just click on Tools; then, click on Calculator. Click the Next button to continue.
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