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A well-written press release will attract positive attention for your small business. Drag each key element to the correct blank on the right.

Public Relations (P.R.) means a business’ efforts to maintain a positive public image. Public relations are often conducted through the media. Writing and distributing a press release — a thoughtfully prepared written statement--is the traditional way for businesses to communicate with the media. Target appropriate media/ reporters/editors and build positive relationships with them. Distribute at least two weeks in advance of an event. When writing, be accurate; focus on facts; don’t exaggerate. Consider hiring someone to assist you with P.R. strategy and implementation. Submit Good job! That's not quite right. Keep going. Click to see an example. Try again
Date: The date of your release and the phrase “For immediate release”
Contact Info: Your name, phone number, email address
Headline: The most important, attention-grabbing, newsworthy idea
First Paragraph: Essential info; who, what, when, where, why
Further Info/Quote: Background or supporting info; optional first-person statement from key person/expert
Final paragraph: Brief summary of your company: location, type of business, who you serve, year founded
NEWS RELEASE from XYZ Products, Inc. April 28, 2009 – For Immediate Release Information: Jordan Reynolds, (999) 888-7777, Ext. 123, XYZ Products wins design award for glow-in-the-dark umbrella ANYTOWN, USA – April 28, 2009 The glow-in-the dark umbrella developed by XYZ Products received the 2009 “Safety with Style” award at the Travel Products Association’s annual meeting on April 27 in Anytown, USA. According to the judges, XYZ’s umbrella was selected as the best among the hundreds of entries based on its combination of practicality, crowd-pleasing appearance, and safety features. “In rainy weather, it’s almost always dark outside. Our umbrella alerts drivers to pedestrians,” said XYZ CEO Jane Xyzcinski. XYZ Products, Inc., headquartered in Anytown, USA, is a manufacturer and distributor of unique travel accessories. Founded in 2002, XYZ products are sold in specialty retail shops and on the Web at
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