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Starting and managing your own business can ask a lot more of you in time, energy, and talent than most jobs ever do.

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Starting a Business

Starting your own business can take time, energy, talent and money. The initial investment is risky, but consider the rewards—working for yourself and pursuing your dreams.

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Managing a Business

Your business’ success depends on making the most of time, money and resources. Use six basic skills every day to manage your business.

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Growing a Business

Successful small businesses typically go through four stages from start to transition. Succeed at every stage by maximizing cash flow, increasing sales and positioning yourself for retirement.

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Instructor Guides

Hands on Banking® is designed for both self-paced, individual learning and classroom use. The Instructor Guides can help you prepare, extend or modify lessons, and assess participant progress. Each Guide may be used alone or as an adjunct to the online/CD program.

Starting a Business Managing a Business Growing a Business

United States Small Business Administration (SBA)

Brief Description The SBA was established in 1953 as an independent agency of the Federal Government. Their purpose is to help people get in business, stay in business, and grow. Take advantage of this tremendous resource by visiting the SBA Web site at www.sba.gov.